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Active Shooter Survival Training For EVERYONE


Active Shooter Survival Training

You should be able to go to work, send your kids to school or take college classes yourself, enter a government building or healthcare facility, attend your place of worship, go to the movies or shopping at the mall, or see your favorite band play, without being afraid for your life.

But our society is becoming increasingly violent and less than 5% of Americans have taken any form of active shooter survival training. How prepared are you if violence suddenly forces itself into your world?

No one should have to worry about not seeing their loved ones at the end of the day because some coward decides to take their inability to cope with the world they’ve created, out on innocent people in the form of mass killing.

But right now, today, this is a fear that many Americans must live with daily and to me, it is unacceptable!


What Is ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training?


ALIVE stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose. These are the steps that anyone can take to more effectively respond should you ever be confronted with an active shooter situation, terrorist attack, violent attacker in the workplace, and other potentially deadly events.

1.    Recognize the sound of real (not Hollywood) gunfire

2.    Have confidence in knowing how to respond appropriately to an active shooter and defeat the instinct to freeze.

3.    Know the appropriate steps to take based on the situation

4.    Feel empowered to take those steps rather than believing you are going to die.

5.    Be ferociously determined to go home to your family at the end of the day by doing whatever it takes, instead of resigning yourself to never seeing your loved ones again.

6.    And if you are responsible for others — as an employer, manager, teacher or caretaker— you will know how to help them survive.

Upon completion of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program you will be better prepared to recognize potential violent events before they happen and respond to acts of violence by taking the ALIVE survival steps, that may potentially save your life!

Following the steps of A.L.I.V.E. will make you better prepared for an active shooter.  Does it make sense to remain unprepared?  Ask the people that love and depend on you what they think.


 If you’re looking for a certified active shooter expert speaker to provide survival-based information to your business or group, CONTACT US. We work in close cooperation with Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, President and CEO of National Business Investigations, Inc. and MPS Security & Protection,  Our mutual goal is to help keep you safe.

To learn more , we also recommend Michael Julian's Book, "10 Minutes to Live"



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